All the tools to measure your performance
  • Real time updating

    24/7 control your performance on the markets. And have a global view on your investments.

  • Clear Strategy

    Optimize your exit strategies. Anticipate your take profits and stop losses to maximize your profits.

  • Tracking Profit/Loss

    Control your gains and losses in real time. View your profitability percentages at any time.

  • Potential up to ATH

    In coefficients or in percentages, have an instantaneous vision of your positions when they return to ATH.

  • History of your transactions

    Find your purchases and sales. And discover your average purchase prices of your entries by level.

  • A referral program

    Pay back your subscription quickly. And earn money with your friends by participating in our referral program.

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All Time High (ATH) is the highest price ever reached. Here we calculate the coefficient to return to the ATH to determine a potential target. We are not talking about how much the current price is lower than the ATH, but about how much more it is possible to make if the price goes back to the ATH. A totally different, performance-oriented approach.